Weekly Wrap-Up #1 [September 1-7]

I meant to start doing wrap ups like a week ago. Of course I didn’t. I’m just that person, I guess. So here’s how my wrap ups are going to work. I’ve been reading a lot of romance in September. I blame Bree over at https://fallingforromance.com/. Check her out. She’s fantastic, and she’s even writing articles for Frolic. Do not sleep on her and her blog. She’ll give you all the romance books you need and more!

What I’m trying to do with my wrap ups though is make them a little more fun to read and just delightful for me. So each week, I’m going to show my partner the covers of the books I’m reading and ask him what he thinks they are about. I will be putting below each book what he thinks it’s about followed by own thoughts. I’m very excited about this. I garnered my inspiration from Steph’s Romance Book Talk and her video about her partner judging a book by its cover, found here. She was inspired by BooksandLala. I don’t watch the second channel so if you’re interested in that channel, you can find them on YouTube.

Here are all the books I’ve read the first week of September.

What Ethan thinks the book is about: Doing cocaine

Rating and my thoughts: 3 Stars. This was a disappointment. I’ve never been so sad about a book before. Riley Sager is one of my favorite authors. I can’t even remember the name of the main character anymore. I ended up seeing the plot twists coming. Not really worth talking about in my opinion. Definitely check out the other books Sager has written.

What Ethan thinks the book is about: Dude makes another dude for sexy time

Rating and my thoughts: 4 stars. This is a classic for a reason. It’s bad ass how a woman wrote one of the first science fiction books. But this was kind of boring to me. I did enjoy it, but I only survived it because I read the retelling by Kirsten White so I knew the basic story line. So, not a bad book but I’m not going to read it again.

What Ethan thinks the book is about: Girl has sex with brothers billionaire best friend

Rating and my thoughts: 4 stars. Book one done for September Swoons. I loved it mostly,but I was also kind of bored. I enjoyed it,but I think Maybe was too tropey being pretty and awkward. I kind of just want a normal protagonist for once 🤷🏻‍♀️

What Ethan thinks the book is about: Cave man walking around New York and falls in love with human

Rating and my thoughts: 3 Stars. 2nd book finished for September Swoons.

I started reading The Winston Brothers series awhile ago, but I’m waiting until I have all of the books to binge read them. So I decided to try some new Penny Reid (new to me). But this was disappointing. Janie is so dense and oblivious. For someone so intelligent, she’s so freaking stupid. She also gets more annoying. The plot line of this book is not really good. I found it a little outlandish and hard to believe given how it’s set up. Quinn was not an interesting love interest. The only thing this book did for me was make me want a hot dog. And I don’t eat animals so just a veggie dog for me, thanks. I planned to read the whole series, but this went downhill so fast. I hope the Winston Brothers series doesn’t turn to shit, but I have heard and read good things so fingers crossed 🤞

What Ethan thinks the book is about: Fourth dimensional being

Rating and my thoughts: 3 stars. 3rd book read for September Swoons.

I’ve seen countless people buzzing about this book. It’s a build up for me… a build up read I craved for awhile. I found it on Kindle Unlimited so I decided to take the chance.

I have a love hate relationship with Colleen Hoover books. I don’t know how to explain it well. I will hate her books, but yet I read them. So I think I secretly love them. Yikes.

I read a lot of thrillers. This was dark, but I didn’t love it the way I do the other dark ones. I love Karin Slaughter or Clare Mackintosh for thrillers which make you go holy cow. This book wasn’t it for me. It may appeal to other readers though.

I was able to put this book down so I was not addicted. I just kept complaining to my partner about some of the passages. Maybe it’s because I could resonate with some aspects because it reminded me of when I was struggling with my post partum depression, but this book was next level screwed up.

Try this book out if you want, I just didn’t enjoy it. I also cheated and counted it as romance… but there was a small romance so I think I’m okay.

I should probably just not read this author, but I probably will keep doing so.

What Ethan thinks the book is about: Medieval farming

Rating and my thoughts: 4 stars. Sad it’s over, glad it ended the way it did. The last book in the Conqueror Saga… Lada is so bad ass. This book is brutal. I love what White writes. I can’t wait to read more from her. I hope she will do more than retellings in the future though.

All reviews come from my Goodreads. Check it out here.

It’s fun asking Ethan what he thinks my books are about. I’m looking to more of this each week. I’ll be doing the boyfriend BookTube tag soon but adapted to my blog. I had a good reading week and September Swoons is going well.

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