The Book Addiction Tag [Tag Post]

No one tagged me to do this, but I took it from Kitty over at Kitty Marie’s Reading Corner. I’ve wanted to do a tag post for awhile, and this one seems perfect to me. I’m not even sure who I would tag, but I’m tagging Amber at amberinoface and Holly at Holly Reads A lot.

So here are all of the questions from the tag:

1. What is the longest amount of time you can comfortably go without picking up a book?
2. How many books do you carry on your person (or kindle) at any one time?
3. Do you keep every book you buy/receive or are you happy to pass them on to make space for more?
4. How long would you spend in a bookshop on a standard visit?
5. How much time per day do you actually spend reading?
6. Where does the task ‘picking up a book’ appear on your daily to-do list?
7. How many books do you reckon you own in total (including e-books)?
8. Approximately how often do you bring up books in conversation?
9. What is the biggest book (page count) you have finished reading?
10. Is there a book you had to get your hands on against all odds (i.e searching bookshops, online digging, etc.)?
11. A book you struggled to finish but refused to DNF?
12. What are 3 of your main book goals for 2019?
13. Have you ever had the privilege of converting someone into a reader (maybe via inspiration or incessant nagging)?
14. Describe what books mean to you in five words.

  1. I try not to go to long without reading because it’s so important to me. The longest I can go now is a few days at most. There was a time period when I wasn’t reading a lot. Right after Ever was born, I had no time and it was depressing. So I have gone weeks, but now it’s days before I lose my mind.
  2. I have my phone with me at all times so I have the Kindle app or Libby at all times. I currently have about 20 NetGalley books, 9 Kindle Unlimited Books, and another 100 or so random books on my Kindle. Oops.
  3. I read my books and usually donate them to other people when I am done unless they are favorite books. They usually go to Ethan’s sister or I post them for free online for people to pick up. I have piles of unread books the way it is. I’m trying not to hoard too many.
  4. I could spend all day in a book shop if I’m alone. But I have a baby and impatient partner after a certain amount of time so I’m not sure how long it would be now. Probably about twenty minutes before someone had a melt down. But if I’m alone, I’m savoring the books and taking my sweet time.
  5. I spend a lot of my time reading when I can. If I’m able, it’s all I do. But I do have a six month old so I don’t always have time to read. I read while he’s playing or napping. And when he’s in bed. So I guess I read about four hours a day or so. That’s on a good day though.
  6. I want to read all of the time so I have my iPad or iPhone nearby. I’ve been mostly ereading lately. I have a lot of books to read, but ebooks are easiest at this point.
  7. Probably around 200. Give or take a few.
  8. It’s all I talk about besides my cats, baby, or Hulu shows. I don’t really have an enthralling life.
  9. I read IT a few years ago. I don’t think I’ve read anything larger than that. I did read some of the GoT books, but I gave up because there was too much to keep track of.
  10. I usually preorder all Sarah j Maas and Cassandra Clare books no matter what.
  11. I can’t recall… but I’m a major fan of DNF now because my time is precious, and I’m not going to waste it on books I don’t enjoy.
  12. Become a better book blogger, read more romance, and stop being scared to try new books. I’ve been decent about meeting my goals this year.
  13. I’m hoping Ever will want to be a reader because he sees me read all of the time. So I’m hoping he’s a future convert.
  14. Happiness. Important. Fulfilling. Enjoyment. Life.

This was a fun Tag. Anyone who wants to do it, I’d love to see your answers so comment below if you do the tag.

Until I rant about books again,

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