Six for Sunday [Characters I’d Love To Be Friends With]

Another first for me. This is from the blog, A little but a lot. The month of September seems to be school themed. So anyway. Here are six characters I’d love to be friends with.

  1. Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter. I don’t know about you, she just seems like she would be a lot of fun. I like weird and just think being friends with Luna would be absolutely amazing.
  2. Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments. I wish I was a bad ass. Isabelle is a bad ass, and I just need a friend who is to afraid to be kick ass and brave at the same time.
  3. Lada Dracul from The Conquers Saga. I can’t imagine anything cooler than a friend who impales her enemies. Enough said.
  4. Jane Eyre. I just really want to be friends with her because it’s my favorite book. And I think she’s so interesting, I’d love to talk to her about growing up how she did and how she survived mentally.
  5. Matilda. As someone who loves books and was the same way as a kid, it would be cool to be friends with a girl who loves books just as much as me and has magical powers.
  6. Jo March from Little Women. Jo is so strong and determined. She never gives up on her dreams to be a writer. I want the same tenacity and strength she has to, especially when she has to deal with tough times in her family.

Those are all of the book characters I would love to be friends with. I know it’s a lame list, but I can’t help who I am. I would love to know who you would want to be friends with or if you like any of these characters as well. If you do your own S4S post, I’d love to see it. And be sure to check out the original creator of the post as well.

Until I rant about books again,

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