Culling my Goodreads Shelf [Unhaul in my mind]

So I’ve had a pretty big Goodreads TBR for awhile, and a lot of the books have just been sitting on the shelf for a long time. So this is an unhaul of sorts. Here are some books I’ll be removing from my Goodreads TBR because I’m never going to read them. I did remove more than ten, but some of them I had no clue how they got on there so I have no desire to look them up and explain about them. Honestly, if you’re dreading your TBR on Goodreads, you should Marie Kondo it. This makes me feel a lot better when I do it.

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American Psycho is a huge pass because I couldn’t handle the dog dying in the movie so I don’t think I could get through the book. I love reading about serial killers, but I also heard this book has other issues so I think it’s just going to a hard pass for me.

All of the books from the Bloodlines series. Listen, I could barely finish Vampire Academy. I can’t invest myself in another mediocre series. The only thing that would be worth my time is Adrian, but I know it won’t be written the way I want so… thank you, next.

The Foxhole Court is so boring. I tried to read it before and literally nothing was happening? Why did I buy this entire series on Kindle when it’s just really like stupid to me? It’s cool if you like it, I just don’t.

Restore Me. Why couldn’t they just leave Shatter Me as a trilogy? It was just fine. I should not have wasted money on this book, and I have no plans to read this. The trilogy is the end for me, and that’s just fine. I don’t need more added on. Warner is great how he is. I don’t need more complications added to my boy.

So if you like these books, that’s awesome. I don’t so I kicked them off my Goodreads shelf. I’m curious to know if anyone else culls their Goodreads shelf from time to time ? If you do, let me know. I would love to talk about books kicked off the shelves.

Until I rant about books again,

4 thoughts on “Culling my Goodreads Shelf [Unhaul in my mind]

  1. Chelsies Crazy4Books

    I got through it once or twice a year to remove books and Im due for another pass. Id like to get it down to 500



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