Reading Challenge Update [Blogtober]

I don’t know how to interpret this except to talk about my Goodreads Reading Challenge. My update for that is I’m currently at 173/200 books read this year. I’m actually pretty impressed with this since I also have Ever who keeps me busy.

I’m hoping to read these books soon to keep my challenge going though:

What does your Goodreads Challenge look like? Are you staying on track? Find me on Goodreads to talk books.

Until I rant about books again,

8 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Update [Blogtober]

    1. Storme Reads Post author

      I read a lot before I had Ever so that boosted me up a lot. I’m hoping to exceed my goal a bit, and I want to set a higher one next year. But maybe not if I’m going to be applying to grad school. Wow, you are so close as well. I hope you make it 😍

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