First Line Fridays [October 11 2019]

This is a weekly meme for book lovers to judge a book by its opening lines rather than by its cover, its author or its prestige. This is originally hosted by Wandering Words.


  1. Choose a book from your shelves/ current read.
  2. Open the book to the first page.
  3. Copy the first line on the page, making sure you don’t give away the book title.
  4. Reveal the book.

I’m choosing a book from my Kindle Unlimited library I’ve been dying to start.

My phone buzzed as I ducked my head to fit through the door on to my flight, and I glanced down to see who it was. Instantly, pain exploded above my eye and pulsed along with my heartbeat.

Where is this from?


What would you do if the sexy, mysterious stranger you met by chance turned out to be a celebrity?

Catharine Wild is about to find out.

Quinn Bailey is one of the best quarterbacks in the country, and the instant he lays eyes on pretty little Cat Wild, he can’t resist her.

When the sexy football star comes aboard the flight attendant’s plane, her life takes a drastic turn. Mile-high courting and an intense pursuit to win her heart are just the beginning.

Attention, fame—even, public scrutiny find their way into the mix. 

It should be simple, right?

Because, in the end, not everyone wants to see the small town girl find love with the superstar.

Good thing Quinn Bailey knows how to win.
Game on, baby.

Add to TBR on Goodreads or purchase on Amazon.

I’m so excited to read this book soon. I have a feeling it’s going to be great. I really adored the first book I read by Max Monroe. This one is a sports romance, which is always a win. Let me know if you have e read this or would like to, I’d love to buddy read or chat about it with you.

Until I Rant About Books Again,

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