Weekly Wrap Up [October 6-13, 2019]

My wrap up this week is a little different because I’ve been all over the map this weekend. I also won’t be doing what Ethan thinks each book is about this week because his band has a performance so he’s been crazy busy all weekend. I’ll be doing it again next weekend. It’s just easier to not have it done this week when everything is a little bit of chaos all around. Plus, it’s suddenly become autumn and I’m living for it. Two weeks ago, it was like 80 degrees and now I’m adoring the weather. Fall is the best time of the year… I’m sad it seems to go by so quickly. Anyway. Here are all the books I’ve read this week:

I really hated this…. I actually downloaded Audible Escapes solely for this since a few friends were listening to it. And I hated it so much, I gave it one star. You can find all my thoughts on this book here.

3/5 stars. This was another one I listened to on Audible Escapes. It’s a super cute story. I would definitely read the other books in the series. I just gave it three stars because so much was happening, and then it was just done.

This was probably one of my favorite reads all year. My full review is up, please check it out. I gave this one a solid 4 stars.

I decided I need to read this series because the books have been dormant on my shelves for ages. I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s a good start. I gave it 4 stars, and I’m picking up the next one for Tropeathon. I have a TBR for this readathon coming up this week.

I picked this up on recommendation and didn’t like it at all. I think it may work for some people, but I only gave it 2 stars. I also have a review of this, too.

I gave this 3 stars. I’m sad because I was so obsessed with the first one. It was a 5 star read I could not put down. This second one just fell flat. I was bored and didn’t care. I barely remember what it was about at this point, and I skimmed most of the book toward the end. I hope the last one is better.

Another 3 star read. Actually I tend to give out a lot of 3 stars so I don’t know why I am surprised honestly…. my review with more of my thoughts will be up later today.

Stephanie recommended this to me… and I liked it! It’s a 4/5 star start to a series, which is a great sign to me. They are all on Audible Escapes. I just finished the first one, but I’m on the second one so I’m hoping to get the series done before my free trial runs out. I can’t justify paying for the audio books when I would use Kindle Unlimited more… so I’m going to start using the library for audio books more often.

This was an actually awesome reading week for me. I’m proud I did well despite having a teething baby who doesn’t want to nap. I stayed up later than I should have a few nights, but I just need the me reading time. I’m excited to know what everyone else read this week. Have you read any of these books or plan to? I’d love to discuss them.

Until I rant about books again,

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