Ten Things My Cat Hates About You [Book Review/Blogtober]

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Format: Read via NetGalley

I picked this book up solely for the title. I can’t resist cats. I have two of my own I adore to pieces. So this one was super irresistible to me. I was ready… I was very prepared to love this book… and it was just okay. This story ended up falling below my expectations, and it was a little dull. I adore British rom com books, but this one didn’t live up to the ones I normally devour.

Clara wants to fall in love with the right man, but her cat Jasper scares away all the men she brings home. He’s just a picky cat, but she wants him to get along with whoever she ends up dating. She works as a curator in an art museum, but she is treated as someone who does all the simpleton work despite the fact she has a masters degree. The reason I mention the museum is because one night, Jasper leaves the house and causes someone on a bike to crash in front of the house. It’s dark so she doesn’t really see who the man is nor does he see her. He just gets upset about his research being ruined, and he grumbles about the cat. The next day, Clara is at work when she sees the man again. Of course he doesn’t know who she is, but she stops to speak to him and kisses him by accident? It’s kind of odd, but I just accepted this weird occurrence.

She doesn’t tell him who she is, but it’s okay because there’s a new guy named Josh who Jasper actually likes. So clearly this is the man for Clara. After all, she was told by her best friend to get a man Jasper approves of. So it’s just her dating Josh, but he says they are just having fun. The professor is just a work colleague and won’t possibly grow into anything more. But of course the book is just written this way to make it seem like there’s a love triangle when there’s not. It was clear to me she was going to end up with the professor from the start… I don’t know why Josh was placed in the story, except as some type of filler for drama. It didn’t really work well.

This isn’t a bad book… it just wasn’t amazing. There’s also Clara having a brother who lives with her and the reason why is unknown for a long time, she seems to have an odd relationship with her best friend, and she constantly complains about she doesn’t fit in the field she works in even though she has a masters degree. The book was a little whiny and boring at times. I did skim the last 30% to see if it was going to get better, but it was rather predictable. I don’t know why I did not stop reading, I guess I was just determined to finish it.

I was given an ARC via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Until I rant about books again,

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