Girl, Wash Your Face [Book Review]

Rating: 2/5 Stars

Genre: Self Help

Format: Ebook from Hoopla

I bought into the hype and picked this book up. Truly I wanted to understand why people seemed so eager to wash their faces. Of course, I didn’t understand the title then. I do now. But I must say I’m not a huge fan of this book. I understand completely why some people hate this book more than I understand those who love the book. I suppose I wanted to cling to the belief this would be a useful self help book, but it’s just a privileged white woman whose life is really good so she’s got a much more narrower perspective than most women or people who live in the real world.

So… there’s one thing about this book I adored. Rachel Hollis states if all you do is take care of your baby and that’s all, you’re still doing amazing at being a mom. I needed this as someone who still struggles with postpartum depression. This small section of the book would have be a lifesaver right after I had Ever. But like she’s also a woman with a lot of money would can afford childcare help so I’m sure she’s had an easier time than me or many other parents. Still, it was a nice sentiment that made me so happy while I was reading the book.

The only good thing from the book.

Let’s get down to the bad.

Hollis talks about an emotional abuser and how terrible he was. But she married him. That’s horrible.

She talks about how her life isn’t perfect and she wants to be honest with the world. Okay, I find that hard to believe when you have a perfectly curated blog and talk about how much you spend on a purse. It was like so much money.

This book is literally for white middle class feminists. Any person of color or those who are queer are excluded. Hollis even gives a shoutout to women who run MLMs and told people to read it?! Like, super no thanks. Your target audience is terrible. Why ignore real people and just cater to the privileged?

Also like there’s so much white woman religious garbage in it. She’s like God gave me this and blah. God didn’t give you the 10k to buy a Louis Vuitton bag. How blind are you to the world where you think it’s okay to say each person can like control their own life and if they work hard, God will give them a white privileged lifestyle? No. No. No: I know so many people who work way harder and give so much, but they can barely afford to live. Check your fucking privilege, Hollis.

Also there’s like so much fat shaming. I’ve struggled with weight my whole life. It’s been also tough since having a baby since your whole body will change so drastically. But like, fat shaming is terrible. She says you can’t respect people who don’t stick to their diets and like says stop making excuses and like don’t be overweight on your couch. So much privilege again. Some people struggle with their weight. Other people are proud to be fat. Don’t like judge an entire group of people you don’t like. Maybe drink an evil Diet Coke you hate so much now and you wouldn’t be so blind because your head is so far up your own probably bleached asshole and your emotionally abusive husbands asshole too.

This book is terrible. I don’t get the hype at all. Her own life experience is so drastically different from the average woman, I don’t see how anyone could possibly relate. It’s like Hollis wrote the book to herself and doesn’t care about real life people at all.

I think the Buzzfeed article about how negative her book actually is sums up this up real well, “But Hollis’s glibness makes clear that her “sisters” are only such if they look like her, share her padded bank account (and her priorities), and don’t venture too far into the real and wrenching difficulties of life.”

So I guess I’m one of those haters Hollis says she has. But with good reason, white feminism is a bunch of garbage. Don’t just cater to the privileged white moms selling Young Living. Open your eyes and see the real world.

Also, I know Hollis suffered real trauma from her dad being emotionally distant and the suicide of her brother. And yes she did come from a poor area and make a life for herself. But that American pull yourself up by the boot straps and trust in god is so toxic and last century. Let’s be more inclusive and kind with our self help messages.

So don’t waste your time on this book. There’s no useful information about washing your face or skincare. It’s just a bunch of stolen inspirational messages from a rich white woman. I think we need better voices in the world. As a non binary of color, I’m ready to put my voice out there and promote more marginalized voices.

Spend your money on books by POC and queer people. Not this white washed trash baby book.

2 thoughts on “Girl, Wash Your Face [Book Review]

    1. Storme Reads Post author

      I really had no clue how bad it was until I read it. It saddens me this book is doing so well because it sends a terrible message. It’s such a frustrating thing that self help books aren’t more inclusive.

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