The Taster [Book Review]

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Genre: Historical Fiction

Format: Ebook from Hoopla

It appears a lot of people have given this book like four or five stars. Clearly, I did not.

Magda is a 15 year old sent away from Berlin for her safety. She moves in with her uncle and aunt, and she’s told she must get a job since times are tough in Germany. Her uncle pulls some strings and gets Magda a job working directly in relation to Hitler. She’s one of the women who tastes his food to check for poison. She’s even trained on different poisons and detection methods. This job is supposed to be a high honor as well, these women were providing the ultimate service to their country and were willing to die for Hitler.

I didn’t mind this book, but it did drag for me. I expected more from the book… like drama or intrigue. Guess I’ve been reading too many thrillers. Yikes. The story was often droning on and on with little to no action occurring. I want to know about things happening, not just boring thoughts or descriptions. There was nothing that made me go wow or want to really delve into the book. It’s more like just Magda living life with some crazy things one does need to suspend their beliefs to fully finish the story. I was so done by around chapter 17 so I skimmed the rest of the book. I still gave the book 3 stars since I learned about some interesting facts about the history of the terrible Nazis, and I liked the start of the novel.

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