Fake Christmas Trees [Blogmas]

I’ve never had a real Christmas tree, so I don’t know what it’s like. We have lived in rented apartments and houses my whole life which usually said no real Christmas trees. So I’ve just had fake ones my whole life. It’s never made a difference for me.

This year will be my first year with a real Christmas tree because Ethan only likes real trees. I haven’t had a tree since I left home… so it’s been like ten years, I’m excited. All the relationships I was with prior to this were not great. So this will be my first real tree with it also being the first Christmas for Ever. I think it’ll be lovely for everyone.

I do like fake trees though because:

  • Easy to store
  • Built in lights
  • They come in white which is so cool to me
  • Different sizes
  • More affordable
  • No tree needles or sap all over the place
  • Bending the branches is fun
  • More easy to replace if destroyed by babies or a cat

What type of Christmas tree did you grow up? What are your favorite trees and decorations?

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