A Taste of Her Own Medicine [Book Review]

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: eARC from the publisher,Honey Magnolia

Well, I finished this book a lot quicker than I expected to.

I also have some mixed feelings regarding this book, but I’m going to do my best to write a good review.

Sonja is finding life again at forty. She’s signed up for a class to help her entrepreneurship shine and get her business started fully. Atlas is her teacher, and they are instantly attracted to each other. She thinks he’s thick and wants him to lift her like potatoes in a sack. And he’s attracted to her even though she thinks she’s old and not attractive anymore. Atlas clearly thinks the opposite and tells her. However, Sonja decides she does not want a relationship since she just got divorced so they will just be friends and he will help her with making her business stronger.

Let’s talk about what I loved about the books. The characters. Every single character in this book is three dimensional and interesting. I cared about all of the characters and who they were as people. Sonja is a strong woman. Atlas is a great man. Her family is awesome, too. I loved her mom and sisters. She has a great connection with her sisters where they seem like friends and family. Her connection with her mom is great as well, especially since her mom is the one who taught her to make the lotions and potions Sonja wants to sell in her business. The community is amazing too. Atlas and his best friend Kairo own the place where he holds the class. There’s a barber shop where they go, and it’s so chill and people get along. The book is just like this amazing community of characters, and I love it.

The smut in the book is superb. Like it’s definitely worth reading because all of the scenes are steamy and well written. Plus, it’s great to see Sonja seeing one can have amazing partner induced orgasms after being stuck with the same lame guy she had been with before. Atlas is a very attractive character, and I definitely loved all the heat coming from the book. I’d recommend this book just for the steamy scenes on their own.

The only thing I didn’t like was the utilization of the n word. I understand the author sees it as part of the black community, but I don’t like the word when I’m reading romance. I know authors are going to write how they want and I respect personal choices. I’m just not a fan. I’m latinx and non binary so I don’t have personal perspective on it… but it’s just how I feel regarding that.

I was provided a free copy from the publisher and this review contains my own thoughts and opinions. Thank you to the publisher.

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