2020 Blog Goals [Blogmas]

Inspiration came from Books and Blends. Thanks Kayla!

I feel like a big part of the holiday season is to reflect upon the year and get prepared for the new year. So I thought it’d be awesome to share some goals for my blog for 2020. This has been fun since I started in August, so I plan to have a solid start to how I want to run my blog for the next year. I’m doing this so I don’t end up burning out, and I can be consistent in my blog.

I know posting twice a day was a lot in Blogtober, and I know that’s too much to read. I’ve learned with Blogmas doing one post a day works out well. So I’ve been enjoying the pace and not feeling so stressed out. Let’s talk about what 2020 looks like for my blog, shall we?

Posts Per Week

I took a break in November. I was posting almost every day for a bit, and that was fun. But it also adds stress so I don’t think I’ll be posting every day because I also want to read posts people are writing. Creating a daily post for me takes away from reading what other people are sharing. So what I want to do for 2020 is have a post schedule like this:

  • Weekly Wrap Up – I miss doing these
  • Book Review – I will do my favorite read of the week
  • WWW Wednesday Post – This seems to be popular, and it’s easy to schedule them ahead of time
  • Reading my Goodreads TBR- I need to clear out my Goodreads TBR finally. So I’ll be updating this hopefully weekly depending on access to books from library

Less ARCs

I made a mistake of going NetGalley crazy this year. I ended up overwhelmed and burned out. I’m getting my dashboard cleared out, but I don’t want to deal with this again next year. I want to enjoy the ARCs I’m reading, and it’s hard when I have too many. So I want to be more selective about what I am choosing. I will probably only be doing one or two ARCs a month so I can enjoy them and write good reviews the books deserve.

More Thrillers and Middle Grade

Thrillers are one of my favorite genres, and I want to read them more. So I think sharing more reviews will be fun. I also love middle grade, but I stopped reading them. I want to return to reading more of the books I like and sharing my passion for them on my blog.

And those are my goals for next year. Do you have any goals? I’d love to hear them or just talk about what your 2020 looks like overall.

10 thoughts on “2020 Blog Goals [Blogmas]

  1. Abbey | threecatsandagirl

    I’ve got a similar post coming up in January!! I find, for me, it’s good to keep it to one or two a week. I do a lot of scheduling ahead, so sometimes I even forget what’s coming up! haha I think less ARC’s is always good. I love WWW. Cleaning out a TBR is really nice too. I’m working on that this year!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Storme Reads Post author

        Yikes. I haven’t fully reached that point yet. I just got approved for a bunch of 2020 ones so I’m like 😭


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