(Favorite) 2019 Releases I Read [Blogmas]

I can’t believe it’s almost a new decade. Time goes by so fast, I feel like. Even this year I was like wondering what’s going on. I had Ever in April and now he’s almost nine months old. Seriously, time flies faster than you think. It’s insane. But let’s talk about how it’s almost 2020 which means a lot of new books in the new year. However, I wanted to share some releases from this year I read. I am not going to list all of them. Just some of my favorite books.

I have reviews for all of them linked below:

1The Flatshare

Heidi’s Guide

The overdue life of Amy byler

Get a life, Chloe brown

Three are romance books. One is like women’s fiction, but I still love it despite the stupid category like women need separate books or something.

These are the four I loved so much this year and highly recommend checking out. The first two are kick ass audio books. I got them using free trials because I’m that person…one was a kindle unlimited read (I may get that again next year)… and the last was an eARC I was so lucky and happy to have gotten.

I did read a lot of amazing books this year, but these are my favorite from the 2019 publishing schedule.

What are some 2019 releases you read? Any favorites or non? Either way, I’d love to hear about them.

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