Weekly Wrap Up #1 [December 29, 2019- January 4, 2020]

I’m back into reading after being lazy for awhile. I was just wasting all of my time on my phone when I could have been reading. Sometimes I still end up on social media, but I’m trying to get better since my goal for this year is 220 books. It seems weird to include books from last year (haha), but I thought it’d make my life easier to keep my wrap ups weekly.

Here are all the books I read this past week:

This is a NetGalley book, publishing the 10th of this month. I’ll have a review up on the date. I like this author, but this book wasn’t my favorite. Stay tuned for my reviews for more thoughts.

Also a NetGalley book coming out this month. I’ve only heard good things, so I was so happy and lucky when I was approved. Once again, so many thanks to the publisher for the approval. But I have a review for this one upcoming. I’ll just say it’s just as adorable as people say, and I think it’ll be a favorite of this year for quite a few people.

This was an erotica short story I got from kindle unlimited. It was a quick read, and I gave it four stars. Amy Vander apparently doesn’t do erotica anymore, which is sad because I love how she writes. I’d recommend if you want a quick and short erotic story to curl up with before you spend some alone time with your partner.

I have a hit or miss relationship with Julie Murphy. But this was a big hit. There will be a review for it up on the other blog I write for, Reads and Reels so also follow that blog to see even more reviews I write that I don’t feature here. I’ll just say I gave it four stars.

And these are the books I did not finish:

I ended up deciding to DNF this at 13%. I heard good things about Tessa Bailey, but I couldn’t do the misogyny all up in this book. Maybe I’ll try another book by her, but this one wasn’t the right fit for myself.

I wasn’t in the right mindset for this one so I’m going to try it during February since it’s black history month. I’ve heard amazing things about the book, but I wasn’t in the mood for magical realism when I was reading this. And it was a two week book from the library so I had to take it back before I would want to read it.

This one was a DNF at 42%. I was just annoyed by the characters and the storyline. I’m sure many people will love it. But once again, not the right fit for me. I adore the Brazilian rep though. I live for books with Latinx leading ladies, and I want to read more from Mia Sosa soon.

So, I decided I’m going to DNF books I’m not feeling this year since I set my goal for 220. I am going to dnf physical books after 50 pages, and audio and ebooks after 20%. That’s how I plan to stay on top of my reading and only read what I’m deeply invested in.

What did you read this week? Did you make any book goals? I’d love hearing about them.

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