Weekly Wrap Up #8 [February 23-29, 2020]

This week was probably my least read week of the year. We went for a few day vacation so I was enjoying that, so I did not read too much. I am more than way ahead on my Goodreads goal. I think currently I am at 59 books read this year, and I am working on a few at the moment.

This week I read:

Two physical books.

One NetGalley eARC.

My ratings for the week:

Two 3 Star ⭐️ Ratings.

One 4 Star ⭐️ Rating.

Genres read:



Contemporary romance

The books I read this week are:

Both of these were my 3 star ratings, and I was disappointed with both. I will have a full review on The British Murders this week since it is a NetGalley I am behind on posting the review for. I will have a review about The Family Upstairs on Goodreads. Most of my reviews are on Goodreads since that is the main site I use for reviews. You can find me here.

This book is so cute, and I can see why everyone loves it so much. This review will be shorter since I want to do a full review of the first two books once I get my hands on the second one. I am so excited to see how this series is going to progress.

And that is my very lame reading week. I am still reading Scythe, The Dragon Republic, and this very boring NetGalley book I thought was going to be more interesting. It is a thriller, and those are definitely hit or miss for me lately.

How was your reading week? Have you read any of these books? I would love to know about your thoughts on them or whatever else you are reading.

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