Using The Library [Discussion]

I have loved the library for as long as I can remember. I mean, there is so much to love about free books and other resources as well. I used to spend a lot of time on the computers because I did not have a computer when I was growing up. I would enjoy the time I was able to utilize the library in so many ways.

Now with a lot of libraries closing, many bookworms are left wondering what they are going to do. I would say if you can, support local bookstores. Use To support local bookstores as well to get your audiobooks. Support the resources you have in whatever way you can.

I know all libraries are different, but I am going to talk about the library resources I have and will be using while they are closed so I can still be the most supportive patron as possible.

Enjoy the library books you have, but make sure you return them when this is all done. We all want to be able to keep using these books and such, and it would be sad if people would take advantage of this. So make sure you return the materials you have when it is safe to do so.

My library is closed for now for the safety of community. I understand this because it is a local suburb library, and it is often filled with tiny humans and elderly people. I completely understand this, but I will miss it while it is gone.

What my library offers:


Libby is Overdrive, but simple. It has tutorials to use, and it tells you when holds are ready. I find it much easier to use than when I used Overdrive for a short period of time. It also offers lucky day reads where you can read popular books with no hold time, for a whole week. I have seen a lot of good titles on there. Libby also has different hold times depending on how popular a book is. I have had to wait a long time before, but I like how there are 10 holds and you are told when the material will be available.


I love Hoopla so much. It is all of the popular books and movies and shows you wanna watch and read. There is music too. Since I live in a big city, there are only four holds a month so I savor them. Hoopla has a lot of popular titles with no wait and they are all checked out to you for three weeks. You can listen to music, watch movies, read new books, and listen to audiobooks you normally would have to wait for. I am sad when I use up all of my holds, but it is a great resource I highly suggest to use if you are able.

I’m pretty sure my library also offers some type of digital magazine checkout, but I have not looked into that yet. Since I have all of the time in the world now, I am going to do so and will provide an update about what it is like. I would also be willing to talk more about these library resources and how I use them if people are interested so please let me know if there is any value in me doing a series about that.

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