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The Readathon Diaries [A Vampire Diaries Themed Readathon]

I have been in a weird place with my blog because I feel like sometimes I am not doing as well as some people, but I enjoy this so I am going to keep doing this. I found the most amazing Readathon as well for June, and I can’t wait for it. It is called The Readathon Diaries, and it is based off The Vampire Dairies. I needed to jump on that ASAP. If you are interested in joining this readathon, you can find the information here.

I decided to do Team Werewolf because I have a thing for Tyler, and I just thought it would be a lot of fun. Here are the hosts of this Readathon for my team:

And here are the prompts for my team:

I am still tentative on my TBR because I tend to change my mind a lot. But I know this is one I want to try and meet as many of the criteria as I can. I also do Reading Rivalry on Facebook, but that will be an entire other post because that is a whole thing awesome thing.

There is also the chance to become a hybrid if you read at least one other book from a different teams prompts. I am planning to do this as well. Though I am still deciding on whether or not I will be doing the prompts from the vampire or witch one… okay, I will probably be doing vampire so here are the prompts for that:

So, my TBR for this will probably be a weird amalgamation of books since I will probably do the prompts for both? I do read a lot, so it is not like it would not be easy for me to accomplish. This is my super long and weird TBR for the Readathon Dairies.


Lockwood- A Book Featuring Werewolves

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer [I have been wanting to read Twilight again so this readathon is the perfect excuse]

Full Moon- Read A Book While The Moon is Out

I am not quite sure about this one yet, I will have to look up when the moon will be out and then find a book to read. This will is still to be decided.

Lack Control- Randomize your TBR

This one means to just pick random books, which I do anyway. I think there is also an option on Goodreads to randomize so I can look through the books I have on there and see what’s going on.

Wolfsbane- Read a cry worthy book

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I have been wanting to read this one again for a long time, and it made me super ugly cry the first time I read it so why not do that to myself again. Hahaha.

Wolf Pack- Read a book with a family dynamic/ found family dynamic-

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer. Because you have the Cullens and the wolf pack Jacob is a part of, and this book will fit in perfectly with the prompt.

Mystic Falls- The Group Book, The Awakening by LJ Smith


Salvatore- Read a book featuring vampires

Twilight by Stephenie Meyer [Since I am rereading the series anyway…]

Daylight- Read a book when the sun is out

This is going to be just a random book because I read when my kiddo takes a nap, so this will just be a short book I pick out while he is napping so I am assuming it will be a graphic novel.

Damon- Read a book with a snarky character

Still need to figure this one out? I guess I can count Breaking Dawn because Jacob can be snarky.

Vervain- Read a book outside of your comfort zone

The Long Way to A Small Angry Plane by Becky Chambers- I am not a huge sci-fi person. This will be outside of my comfort zone because I tend to hate books about space a lot. But I got it from a book gift exchange a long time ago, and I am going to give it a try.

Sirelines- Read a book with a romantic relationship

I have so many romances on my kindle, it is not even funny. Guess I will just pick up one I really am feeling and read it. It could be any kind of romance. Or maybe it will be Take A Hint, Dani Brown because I have been dying for the book, but I was rejected. I think I am going to go preorder that one for my Kindle now….

And this is what my strange TBR looks like for the Readathon Diaries. I am truly so excited! Go Team Werewolf! I also cannot wait to become a hybrid either.

Do you have any readathons you are looking forward to in June? Maybe you can come join me on this one. I know it is going to be amazing. Tell me all about your reading plans for June. Or maybe leave me some suggestions for the prompts I am unsure of? They are very welcome.

Nonfiction November TBR

I have been watching BookTube for a long time. I have never participated, but I am a long time watcher. Since I’m doing this blogging thing as a regular thing now, I thought it would be fun to participate in more events than I had before. I would do readathons and stuff with my best friend, but it’s been fun to be in the blogging world to have more friends and people to connect with. Anyway, this is going to be my first year doing nonfiction November. I read nonfiction not a lot, but I’ve enjoyed all the ones I’ve picked up. I started reading it as a teen when I was perusing the library and stumbled upon a book I liked.

Since then I’ve been drawn to memoirs and so much more. The majority of the nonfiction I read is true crime, related to memoirs on topics I enjoy, books about the opioid crisis, and books about parenting. I will pick up any nonfiction which interests me though.

This event is hosted by Olive from abookolive, she has an announcement video and her TBR for the month long event posted. Please check those out for more information.

The four prompts for this year are:

  • Design
  • Voice
  • True
  • Sport

Olive explains them more in the video, but I’m going to share the books I’m planning to read for each prompt. I have six books picked out for the month, which seems very manageable since it’s a month long event. Here are the books I’ll be reading along with each prompt they fulfill.

I will also be reading:


Collapse by Jared Diamond- This discusses how societies succeed or fail, so I’m using it as the design of societies in regard to how well they prevail or fail.


Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus- I am using this one for voice because it’s got the ridiculous 90s voice, and I’m curious to see how absurd it’s going to be.

Empty Mansions- I am listening to this on audio so it works well for voice since the audio book contains the voice of the subject of the book.


Killers of the Flower Moon and Karla- They are both true crime books.


Lethal Marriage- This talks about the toxic marriage of Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo, and I’m doing it for sport because of the games they played with each other and how they acquired their victims.

I’m highly looking forward to this month of nonfiction November, and I can’t wait to see what others will be reading. Will be participating? Let me know what you plan to read if you are, or if you may be thinking about it.

Until I rant about books again,

TropeAThon TBR [Readathon]

Official Twitter for the Readathon

I’ve wanted to do a readathon for awhile. I stumbled upon this one via Twitter so I knew I needed to join. This one looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun… so I knew I had to create the perfect TBR for this readathon. I don’t expect to read eight books in one week since I have Ever, so I’m going to double up on some of them. I don’t think this is a bad thing because I’m still reading.

Creepy Atmosphere/Night time reading/Magically inclined:

Creepy atmosphere: All of these books take place in the bayou where murders and other creepy events are occurring.

Nighttime reading: These are my nighttime reads (even though they are on audio). I listen to them while I feed Ever and when I relax while playing games on my iPad at night before bed.

Magically inclined: The community is full of magical creatures such as mermaids, shifters, dragons, and witches. Definitely full of magic to me!

Second chance:

I’m considering this one as a second chance because I’m hoping Adelina is going to redeem herself after her actions in the first book. As I don’t want to give any spoilers, I’m hoping this is a second chance for The Young Elites.

Fated Mates:

As much I want to read A Court of Mist and Fury, I know I don’t have the time right now. I’ve been meaning to read Night Circus, and the cover just has this feel to me the two characters are meant to be.

Initials in the title:

It’s part of the Mavericks series… and my initials are S, M, and other things so I’m counting this one since I’ve wanted to read it anyway.

Halloween Colors (Purple, orange, and green)

Orange on the cover. Yes, this is an erotica novella. It’s a reverse harem one I found on Kindle Unlimited. I think it’s going to be awesome.

Missing person:

This book was just one which popped up on Kindle Unlimited. I realized it would be perfect. I can’t wait to read it. Missing person stories intrigue me.

And these are all the books I’m hoping to get done for the readathon. I don’t know if I will, but I’m going to try my hardest. Let me know if you are doing this readathon too.

Until I rant about books again,

My Crazy NetGalley TBR!!

NetGalley is an addicting thing to me lately. Since I’ve been on this romance kick, I’ve been requesting so much romance. Which is good when I get approved. And sad when I don’t. But I requested way too many so I still have 20 books to read, and I have like another 18 pending. So right now my ratio is shot to hell, and I’m doing my best to catch up. I don’t plan on ever asking for so many at one time again. I plan to save it for the ones I really love. I’m hoping my ratio will stay good after the crazy pending requests have cleared since I’m working as fast as I can to get through the ones I do have.

Here are the 20 books I’ve got on my NetGalley TBR at the moment.

They are all romance books. So I’m excited. A few don’t come out til next year so I’ll be just mentioning those in my wrap ups and avoiding any big reviews until closer to their release dates (Tweet Cute and The Neighbours). The rest of these do come out the next few months so be on the look out for either a mini review or larger one depending on my thoughts on a particular book.

Are any of you reading a lot of NetGalley books right now? How do you limit yourself? Also will Berkeley Press ever not reject me? So many questions.

Until I rant about books again,