Using The Library [Discussion]

I have loved the library for as long as I can remember. I mean, there is so much to love about free books and other resources as well. I used to spend a lot of time on the computers because I did not have a computer when I was growing up. I would enjoy the time I was able to utilize the library in so many ways.

Now with a lot of libraries closing, many bookworms are left wondering what they are going to do. I would say if you can, support local bookstores. Use To support local bookstores as well to get your audiobooks. Support the resources you have in whatever way you can.

I know all libraries are different, but I am going to talk about the library resources I have and will be using while they are closed so I can still be the most supportive patron as possible.

Enjoy the library books you have, but make sure you return them when this is all done. We all want to be able to keep using these books and such, and it would be sad if people would take advantage of this. So make sure you return the materials you have when it is safe to do so.

My library is closed for now for the safety of community. I understand this because it is a local suburb library, and it is often filled with tiny humans and elderly people. I completely understand this, but I will miss it while it is gone.

What my library offers:


Libby is Overdrive, but simple. It has tutorials to use, and it tells you when holds are ready. I find it much easier to use than when I used Overdrive for a short period of time. It also offers lucky day reads where you can read popular books with no hold time, for a whole week. I have seen a lot of good titles on there. Libby also has different hold times depending on how popular a book is. I have had to wait a long time before, but I like how there are 10 holds and you are told when the material will be available.


I love Hoopla so much. It is all of the popular books and movies and shows you wanna watch and read. There is music too. Since I live in a big city, there are only four holds a month so I savor them. Hoopla has a lot of popular titles with no wait and they are all checked out to you for three weeks. You can listen to music, watch movies, read new books, and listen to audiobooks you normally would have to wait for. I am sad when I use up all of my holds, but it is a great resource I highly suggest to use if you are able.

I’m pretty sure my library also offers some type of digital magazine checkout, but I have not looked into that yet. Since I have all of the time in the world now, I am going to do so and will provide an update about what it is like. I would also be willing to talk more about these library resources and how I use them if people are interested so please let me know if there is any value in me doing a series about that.

The Woman in the Window [Book Review]

The Woman in the Window


5 stars ⭐️

This book had me shook. I literally screamed out loud a few times because I could not believe how awesome this book was. I am so glad I listened to the audiobook because the narrator was so good, and I couldn’t get enough.

Anna was once a child psychologist, but now she has intense agoraphobia. She never leaves her house. The world passes her by, and she just looks out through the world via her camera and window. Anna spends time on message boards and playing online chess. She also loves old mystery movies. She deals with the separation from her husband and her daughter by drinking. She drink all of the time and messes up her pills often. She doesn’t think she has a problem, she just keeps drinking and thinking she will be okay. Her doctor comes to see her, she has al of her food delivered, and she doesn’t have any connections to the outside world except the camera.

When new neighbors move in, she watches them. But she is even more excited when they come to visit her. Now she has a connection to the world. But one night she sees something very bad, and she wonders what was real and what wasn’t.

Anna wonders if she is losing her mind, and she wants answers to find out what is really going on. This book is so gripping, and I couldn’t stop waiting to know what was going to happen next. It is an edge of your seat thriller that is so gripping and shocking, I am still awed even though it has been a day since I finished. I did not predict any of the twists or shocks, i was surprised and invested the whole time. Usually I am very disappointed and annoyed by thrillers by the end, but this one was so damn good.

AJ Finn wrote one of my new favorite all time books, and Ann Marie Lee is such a damn good narrator. Seriously, if you have not read this yet, I am telling you to do so. I can’t wait for the new book the author puts out. I seriously can’t stop thinking about this book.

You Are Not Alone [NetGalley ARC Review]

You Are Not Alone


St Martins Press

Published March 4, 2020

4 stars ⭐️

Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen are one of my favorite writing teams. When I read their first book, I was in awe. The second book was disappointing, but this one reminds me why I love their writing so damn much. This book is unsettling, shocking, riveting, and unforgettable.

Shay sees a woman commit suicide on a train platform, and she is sucked into the life of the woman by accident. She goes to her memorial service and meets her friends. Amanda had this group of friends, and two of them are sisters. Cassandra and Jane take a special interest in Shay. They start to spend time together and want to help Shay in whatever way they can. But as they get closer, Shay learns Amanda may have known something terrible and it could be a problem for Shay if she gets in too deep…

This book was so unsettling. I was on edge the whole time, wondering what was going to happen. I was shocked by how the sisters acted, and I loved finding out the full story. I was worried the whole time for Shay, and it was like one of those movies where you shout don’t go in there but the person never listens. It was so riveting, and I could not stop reading. I was mesmerized the whole time, and I can see myself reading this again even though now I know the outcome. I highly recommend this to all thriller fans, new and old alike. This writing duo does thrillers with a twist every time that will leave you breathless but needing more.

Weekly Wrap Up #8 [February 23-29, 2020]

This week was probably my least read week of the year. We went for a few day vacation so I was enjoying that, so I did not read too much. I am more than way ahead on my Goodreads goal. I think currently I am at 59 books read this year, and I am working on a few at the moment.

This week I read:

Two physical books.

One NetGalley eARC.

My ratings for the week:

Two 3 Star ⭐️ Ratings.

One 4 Star ⭐️ Rating.

Genres read:



Contemporary romance

The books I read this week are:

Both of these were my 3 star ratings, and I was disappointed with both. I will have a full review on The British Murders this week since it is a NetGalley I am behind on posting the review for. I will have a review about The Family Upstairs on Goodreads. Most of my reviews are on Goodreads since that is the main site I use for reviews. You can find me here.

This book is so cute, and I can see why everyone loves it so much. This review will be shorter since I want to do a full review of the first two books once I get my hands on the second one. I am so excited to see how this series is going to progress.

And that is my very lame reading week. I am still reading Scythe, The Dragon Republic, and this very boring NetGalley book I thought was going to be more interesting. It is a thriller, and those are definitely hit or miss for me lately.

How was your reading week? Have you read any of these books? I would love to know about your thoughts on them or whatever else you are reading.

Let’s Talk About ARCs [Discussion]

I did a post a few months ago talking about how ARCs are helpful and yet can hurt. I thought I was also going to end up reading less of them, but this did not happen. I said I would only be doing like one or two a month or stop requesting them. This did not happen at all. I ended up getting way into NetGalley all over again, and I have so many pending and to read.

I even joined this thing called ARCpocalyse, where you are supposed to like get all of your ARCS read in a timely manner. It’s been a cool way to meet friends and see how other people are doing, but it hasn’t worked out in the way I anticipated. But that is just fine with me. I know sometimes reading plans can change. I just ended up finding a lot of books I wanted to read so I just have not been able to stop.

I know ARCS are a good thing, but also sometimes not. I am very lucky to get the ones I do, and I am so grateful to every publisher who gives me the chance to read books early. It is one of my favorite things. I was even auto approved by a publisher, which I never expected. I hope I will get lucky more and more with this, but I am still so happy with what I am getting at this point.

I just want to say that ARCS are great, but they can also be bad. I think they can be bad when they are not given to the right people. I know that books need hype and promotion, but I think just always giving them to the big name people misses out on chances to make those books really mean something. I admit I have had back listed ARCS, but I have tried my best to stay on top of everything. But I have seen people who have so many that they never read them and just like sell them. I think there are some ARCS that should be going to like teens, POC, and those in the LGBTQIA community. There are so many people who deserve them, and I just get sad sometimes about how it seems like it can be unfair. But that is just how the world works and sometimes we have to do more for changes.

I am so thankful for all of the ARCS I receive, and this will never change. Here are just a few things I learned the past months of being a book blogger and the whole thing about ARCS:

  • Update your NetGalley stats regularly and make sure you update all the places you talk about books all of the time.
  • Share photos on Instagram and tag the publisher. You can also share in your stories.
  • Be concise in your bio and talk about the genres you read.
  • Be honest in your reviews,
  • Favorite your fav publishers so you know when books you may like are coming your way.
  • I still don’t understand how Edelweiss works.
  • ARCS are a privilege, but don’t stress yourself out.
  • Just try to have fun with them.

I am not sure why I wrote this, I just think I wanted to talk about my weird thoughts about ARCS. What are your feelings about ARCS? I would love to know all about them. Please share all your thoughts about them with me below.

A Cowboy To Remember [NetGalley ARC Review]

Rating: 2/5 Stars ⭐️

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: NetGalley eARC

I requested this book because I really liked Xeni, which was the only other book I have read by this author. I was hoping for a really good cowboy romance, which is one of my favorite things. But this book was not it at all. I just cannot put my finger on what it was, but this book lacks the storyline and characters I expected from Rebekah Weatherspoon. I would suggest reading Xeni, and I have heard good things about Rafe. But this book just falls flat in a lot of places.

This the story of famous celebrity chef, Evie Buchanan. She is pushed down the stairs by a rival chef, and she loses all of her memories. There is nowhere she can go except the ranch she grew up on to recover. It is the only place where she can stay anonymous to avoid the media finding out she has lost all of her memories.

I thought this was going to be a riveting book, but I did not really care about what was going on when i was reading it. There was nothing really interesting about the story or the way the romance was supposed to unfold. I was so shocked this because Xeni was so rich in comparison. This book is about Evie trying to get her memories back and learn how to be a chef once more. There is also her history with Zach and they want to be like close to each other even though they haven’t spoken for like ten years. I think you are just supposed to accept all of their history as enough for a romance, but like there was no chemistry or anything exciting about when they’re together.

Okay, there is also so many side characters and sometimes you get their POV but I don’t know why. There was nothing really added to it, so I was wondering what was going on with that whole thing honestly. Her friends seemed cool, and I would like books about them. But the rest was just so meh. I was waiting for a reason to care about anyone, but there was no one who really stood out. They are just rich black people with a ranch (which is so awesome because i think there needs to be more stories like this), but no one is exciting or anything. There are just tall guys who wear cowboy hats and that is supposed to be enough to be a personality trait, I guess. Wearing a cowboy hat does make a dude hot, but its not enough to fall in love with in my opinion.

Also, it was so odd that Evie had amnesia until like 87% way through the book and then she was like magically better. She has no idea what’s going on t he whole time and then she is magically cured, and she wants to go back o her own life. Also, the whole thing where she suddenly doesn’t want to be around Zach was lame. I was just like yeah ok especially with just around 10% of the book left, this makes for a rushed and terrible story. The only good thing was the grandma who was a pioneer for black women in the entertainment industry. I would read a story about her. Like her whole life. She was awesome. This was so disappointing, and i hope the next books are better but I am not sure i will be picking them up.

Thank you NetGalley and Kensington for the ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Weekly Wrap Up #7 [February 17-22, 2020]

I am bringing my weekly wrap up a little bit later in the day than I normally do, but I think it is just fine. I also think I am just going to post my wrap ups in the same way I have been the last few weeks with the ratings and whatnot. I think it looks so much neater to have it sorted by rating. I do post all of my full thoughts on Goodreads, so you can find my reviews here.

I will still be posting reviews here during the week, but I decided to do my wrap ups in this manner because it helps my stress to not have to post the same reviews. I will probably share a few quick thoughts still

So, this past week I read just 6 books. I was being lazy, but I am ahead regarding my Goodreads goal so I am not worried too much. I am currently at 54 books read this year, and I am staying steady. It helps me to stay sane between taking care of Ever and all the other life things.

The breakdown of books is:

Three physical books

One audiobook

One NetGalley ARC.

One graphic novel in digital format.

Two 3 Star ⭐️ ratings.

Two 4 star ⭐️ rating.

Two 5 star ⭐️ rating.

The genres I read are:

Contemporary fiction

Nonfiction- true crime

Nonfiction – Economics



Fantasy graphic novel.

Sci-fi YA

The 3 star ratings are:

Both of these books were just okay. I was a little disappointed in the romance book since I really did like the other book I had read by the author. I will have a full of this book on Wednesday since it publishes on Tuesday.

The 4 star ratings are:

I can see why there is so much hype about this book, and I did think it was awesome. I just wanted more from the ending.

The 5 star rating is:

This book left me totally shook. I still have no words to talk about how I was so shocked and enthralled the whole time. I cannot believe I did not read it sooner, but I am so glad I did.

My full reviews are going to be available on my Goodreads which is linked above if you want to know all of my thoughts. Please follow me or add me as a friend, that is one of my most favorite ways to connect with people and make more book friends in the world.

Have you read any of these books? I would love to know your thoughts about these books, whether or not you have read them too. Chatting about books is often fun, and I love doing it with all of the awesome people in this community.