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I did a thing…! Announcement and more 2020 plans.

I signed up to help Reads and Reels by writing book and movie reviews. I’m so excited to work with them and my first post is live there. Check it out here.

That’s all. I’m so stoked to be doing something fun with new people. I’m trying to branch out to help my blog grow and become more sociable online.

I also may be helping out my partners band with their social media. 2020 is going to be a great year. I also am waiting to hear about grad school so let’s see what next year will be like.

Semi Hiatus [Just for about a month]

Hi all,

I’m just sending out this quick post to say I’ll be on semi hiatus for the next month. I’m applying to grad school so I actually have a fair amount of work to do. So I’ll be posting some book reviews and such when I have time. I hope once I’m back to this more than half time, I’ll also have a keyboard for my iPad to make my life easier. Wish me luck with grad school. I’ll be replying to comments… If I get any… on weekends.

See you soon!