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Taken By The Elven King [Book Review]

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Rating: 1/5 Stars

Format: Read via Audible Escapes

Disclaimer: This review is full of spoilers. Avoid if you want to read this series.

Alright. Let me begin by saying, these are my own thoughts and opinions. None of them are meant to make anyone angry or annoyed. I don’t have anything against the author. This book just wasn’t for me, which is okay. We don’t have to enjoy the same books, that’s why so many exist in the world. Right?

Alright, so this is marked for spoilers so please don’t read this if you’re interested in the book and don’t want it ruined. There’s your warning now. The rest of this will be full of spoilers.

So Emily is kidnapped from her apartment in the middle of the night and she finds herself in a land where there are elves. She was brought to the land of the elves, called She, or something, to literally be a breeding mare for the king. Never mind she had a life of graduate school and becoming a person with a career. No, she’s going to be a freaking breeding cow for the king since elves can’t have their own kids but bringing in human women can maybe jump start the whole process all over again so the elves are saved. Okay. Sure. Honestly the elves sound cool. I just hate the trope of a woman being used as a breeding thing. If you want that so badly, you can go on porn hub and watch some crappy video about it, not waste your time on a four book series about a human who’s pretty much raped and told she’s going to have multiple children. She’s never given a choice. It’s just super rape like to me and absolutely vile. I can’t believe Emily falls in love with Sethian so much as he rapes her into compliance and she’s got a major case of Stockholm Syndrome.

The book is supposed to be oh my goodness, yay smut. Sure, I enjoy smutty books. This is meant to be trashy and enjoyable. To me, it’s poorly written sex scenes bordering on rape with major sympathizing with the kidnapper to the point you delude yourself into falling in love with him.

This book has all the tropes too. Let’s see… elf king with a good dick and really hot. Of course Sethian is married to someone else but Emily is more important because she could be carrying the heir someday. But of course the other wife is a cold bitch who wants to destroy Emily. Always the villain and never given like an actual personality where you could be like, maybe she has the right to be angry since she is being forced to watch her husband rape another woman and act like it’s acceptable. I would be angry as well. Just saying. Then of course…

Emily gets pregnant. And the elf baby is like magical and Sethian can feel its soul and be connected. Elf babies never cry and are so magical. Blah, blah. Everyone is like not happy Emily is pregnant and all that. And the evil wife is like get rid of the baby and leave and she’s like no, I’m happy with my life here and it’s all good. How dare you be upset about this baby despite you not being able to have a baby. Another trope. The only purpose women have in this society is to have kids and if you don’t, you fail and need to be bitter and angry your whole life. It doesn’t matter the queen is probably hurting from her infertility issues… because she’s just a bad guy and why even bring up she could be multidimensional.

But then of course the best trope… sarcasm… comes when she’s giving birth and Emily and Sethian realize they are soulmates. Because of course. It’s not enough that Emily was his kidnapping breeding concubine. Now they are soulmates and it’s wonderful and love and all that stuff that you want in a book but seems so stupid in this book.

Of course their baby is a boy and he’s super magical. Because he has to be like the last magical elf he’s similar to, and he’s going to save the world and so many other tropes I’m sure would emerge if the author kept writing. Then Emily is super bonded to the baby and it’s the most amazing thing to be a mother, because that’s how she’s suppose to feel after losing her entire life and being a propagater for the king. She has an awesome perfect baby she’s so attached to and her life is the best. She even has more kids and her life is so happy. Then Sethian is cursed and almost dies so she gets put in jail by the actual queen. But her magic son saves her and his dad, and she saves Sethian. And the evil queen and the other bad guys are killed. And it’s all happily ever after because they have sex even though she just almost died. But it’s okay because they have gentle sex just to be safe. And Emily is going to have a happy lifetime with her magic son and other kids and husband.

This book is just a lot of bad tropes and not great smut. The fantasy element wasn’t well done either. Nothing about this entire story wasn’t a giant pile of garbage. I do not recommend this book at all. I am curious to see if the author writes anything else and how that would be, but I’m hesitant for a reason.

I haven’t disliked a book this much in a very long time. I’m not sure what to say except it reminded me of personal experiences (the main guy reminded me of my abusive ex and I have bad postpartum depression so the way pregnancy and babies are handled in this book just irk me). If you read this whole review, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have read this or anything else from Christina Rayne.

Until I rant about books again,