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Books You Wish You’d Never Read [Blogtober]

Let’s talk about one star books, shall we? They are the ones I wish I had never read. Those books you will never get the time back for, which is a little frustrating because life is too short to read terrible books. I have a fair list of one star books, but I’ll just talk about some recent one star Reads I wish I had never even heard of.

If you want to know how much I hated this book, I have a full review. But my main points are:

  • Breeding trope is gross
  • Soulmate trope is overdone
  • Sex scenes just written for page filler are stupid
  • Elf babies that don’t cry and are the chosen one just perpetuates the shitty soulmate trope.
  • This is a literal garbage fire and no one should read it.

This was a KU choice, and what a waste of time. The breakdown is

  • Short, choppy sentences
  • Poor attempt at satire
  • Grammar mistakes all over
  • Intruding narrator as a poor device plot
  • Just poorly written and a waste of time.
  • Do not read this garbage fire.

These are two books I’ve recently read and wish I never had. Do not waste your time checking them out, trust me. Just don’t. What are some books you wish you had never read? Let me know below.

Until I rant about books again,