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The Happy Ever After Playlist [Abby Jimenez- Audiobook Review]

I am a huge romance reader when the mood strikes me, and I was really excited this book was one the April choices for Libro.fm. Usually I have been more into thrillers and fantasy lately, but this book was just what I needed during all the chaos we have going on in the world at this moment.

Also, I bet you are wondering why I am reading romance when I seemed to have binged so much of it last year. You would think I would have stayed on the streak and become one of those only reads romance people, which is what I thought was going to happen. But I did not become that person. Which is totally fine. This was a new to me author, and I adore getting to try out new romance authors because you just never know what you are going to come across.

Enter in Sloan and Jason. She is still dealing with the loss of her husband in a motorcycle accident so her life has become stagnant because her grief runs so deeply. But then a dog named Tucker shows up, and then his owner Jason and that is when the story really starts to get going.

This book is really sweet. The audiobook is great, I could not get enough of the couple and their story. I like this is one of those where a dog brings them together, and the dog is still an important part of the story. Because dogs are great. Sloan finds Tucker when he hops in through her sun roof and she is suddenly taking care of him. She tries reaching Jason for weeks, thinking he doesn’t care. But it turns out he was in Australia working on a soundtrack for a movie so he was not able to be contacted during the time. Sloan is hesitant to give the dog back until she realizes Jason does love him, and so she is suddenly taking care of a dog and possibly going on a date with his owner as well. Gone are the days of her never leaving her home and being totally sad perhaps…

Sloan and Jason spend two weeks talking and texting on the phone before they meet. When they are together, it is suddenly like they are meant to be together. Just like that.

Okay, I am not a fan of insta love so this was a little annoying for me. They are both just so into each other that it is like a lot at one time. Sloan is shocked to find out Jason is actually a famous singer who is going to be going on a major tour soon, and she wants to possibly go along even though they have not been dating for long. I mean, it is sweet but it is also kind of like fan fiction when you meet your favorite celebrity and then you are touring with the band and living the life you always dreamed of.

There are parts where it gets hard though. Sloan gets her car messed up and Jason has an unstable ex who keeps showing up at the most inappropriate times. Sloan wants to do anything she can to be with Jason, even not painting and hurting her health by being out on tour with him. Not to mention the studio wants more music and albums from Jason so it looks like they would not have any type of stability for at least a decade to even think about having children and a home.

The small bits of the drama at the end were a little over the top and I could have done without those in all honesty. They did not really add a whole lot, I just ended up being annoyed.

There is also a playlist through the whole book, but I was not someone who listens to a lot of the artists so I can’t say how well it fits. I am assuming it just does though. I am more of a country fan…

This book gets a solid four stars from me. I loved this audiobook and the ending as well. This was a sweet romance, and I think it would be enjoyed by those who loves romance and fans of music as well.

Thank you so much Libro.fm for this ALC April copy of the book, and thank you as well to Hachette audio. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you are interested in Libro.fm., be sure to check them out. All proceeds from them go to supporting indie bookstores, which is so important considering what’s going on with the world right now.

Audiobooks and Using Libro.fm

I was accepted to be an influencer for libro.fm and I am so excited. In case you don’t know who they are here is some information about why †hey are the better choice for audiobook listening. You get better deals and support local bookstores. Instead of giving all of your money to amazon, you can give it to a local bookstore that is working hard amongst all this chaos to give the world the books we love.

The books I choose for the month of March are:

You can purchase the book here.
You can purchase the book here .
You can purchase the book here.

I am highly looking forward to using Libro.fm to listen to more audiobooks and support local bookstores. Although the are more picks for the month, these are just the three which really caught my attention. I did the whole picked based on cover and did not read the synopsis so I will be surprised when I get around to reading them soon.

I cannot stress enough how much if you can to sign up for this and support local bookstores. We all love books so much, and I just want to do all I can to give back to the community who does so much and constantly makes me happy to be around. Books mean the world to me, and I’m so thankful Libro.fm is working with me so I can share all of these great books with you.

Have you listened to any of these books? Are you a friend of Libro.fm or are you planning to be? Let’s talk about all the books and how wonderful they are.