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The Billionaire Needs a Bodyguard [Ravina Hilliard- Book Review]


Alexandra “Lex” Granger is a private security consultant who has to go undercover to protect billionaire businessman Michael Thornton, pretending to be an escort. Michael does not think he needs a bodyguard, despite the death threats he has received from protesters against his takeover of a Danish company, but he does need protection against the predatory wife of the Danish ambassador. Lex knows that this assignment is dangerous, made more so because her client does not even know that he is being protected. 

She doesn’t know that he thinks she is a con-artist a gold-digger who takes rich men for everything that she can get. As sparks fly, and the attraction between the two go stronger, they face a deadly danger from an unknown assailant. Lex and Mike embark on a turbulent affair in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, with Mike realising that there is much more to the sexy seductress, her bewildering vulnerability evoking unfettered passion and feelings that he has never experienced before. Lex realises that she has committed the ultimate folly, that of falling in love with a man who despises her. Will she overcome the dangers to Michael to her breaking heart? 

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Genre: Romance

Rating: 4 stars ⭐️

Usually I am able to get through romance quickly and once again, that is the case with this book. I had no idea what to expect when I started, but I could not get enough once I had begun reading this story. The reason was because the premise was so unique. I did not really read the description when I started. I just kind of went in blind and was shocked to find it was a woman who was going to be the bodyguard. At first, I was a little surprised by this. But in the best way possible, women should be the heroes in books as well. It was awesome to see the story was turned around a little bit, with the woman being the one who had to do the saving.

The book starts out a little slow for me. I did not really like how self deprecating Lex was to herself. She was just hating all of her body and how she looked. She did not see anything good in herself, and this annoyed me because I don’t think this should be in a romance novel. I think it could harm those who deal with body image issues, and it is hard to see in a book when it is so blatant and the only solution is when a man says you are good enough. Despite this, I did enjoy the romance. I was just not pleased with the casual negative body image Lex has, and she never really deals with it in a healthy way.

The romance in this book is interesting though. It is a build up of hate to love. But also a little bit more complicated because he thinks she is an escort and doesn’t know she is a bodyguard. Michael treats her terribly often, calling her a slut and whore because he thinks she’s an escort. And he also thinks she is a gold digger so he just looks down on her. Sex workers are already looked down upon, and I think just another casual attitude to the way people treat them is also harmful because sex workers are people too. I know I did have some problems with this book, but I did enjoy it. The build up is worth it. Michael takes her shopping and buys her nice clothes. He teases her with passionate kisses and the chemistry between them is off the charts. Truly some of the hottest steamy scenes I have read in a long time.

The suspense was awesome as well. I was able to read this in one day, and I enjoyed it. I love romantic suspense stories, and I would suggest this to all the fans of the genre. It just seems like some of the words were a little strange, but I think it is because this book was not in English originally. Just a little bit of editing would make this book go smoother for the reader.

This was such an awesome romance, and it is a good way to spend an afternoon because it was so much fun. I highly recommend this book, and I can’t wait to read more like this.

Thank you to the publisher for the review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A Cowboy To Remember [NetGalley ARC Review]

Rating: 2/5 Stars ⭐️

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: NetGalley eARC

I requested this book because I really liked Xeni, which was the only other book I have read by this author. I was hoping for a really good cowboy romance, which is one of my favorite things. But this book was not it at all. I just cannot put my finger on what it was, but this book lacks the storyline and characters I expected from Rebekah Weatherspoon. I would suggest reading Xeni, and I have heard good things about Rafe. But this book just falls flat in a lot of places.

This the story of famous celebrity chef, Evie Buchanan. She is pushed down the stairs by a rival chef, and she loses all of her memories. There is nowhere she can go except the ranch she grew up on to recover. It is the only place where she can stay anonymous to avoid the media finding out she has lost all of her memories.

I thought this was going to be a riveting book, but I did not really care about what was going on when i was reading it. There was nothing really interesting about the story or the way the romance was supposed to unfold. I was so shocked this because Xeni was so rich in comparison. This book is about Evie trying to get her memories back and learn how to be a chef once more. There is also her history with Zach and they want to be like close to each other even though they haven’t spoken for like ten years. I think you are just supposed to accept all of their history as enough for a romance, but like there was no chemistry or anything exciting about when they’re together.

Okay, there is also so many side characters and sometimes you get their POV but I don’t know why. There was nothing really added to it, so I was wondering what was going on with that whole thing honestly. Her friends seemed cool, and I would like books about them. But the rest was just so meh. I was waiting for a reason to care about anyone, but there was no one who really stood out. They are just rich black people with a ranch (which is so awesome because i think there needs to be more stories like this), but no one is exciting or anything. There are just tall guys who wear cowboy hats and that is supposed to be enough to be a personality trait, I guess. Wearing a cowboy hat does make a dude hot, but its not enough to fall in love with in my opinion.

Also, it was so odd that Evie had amnesia until like 87% way through the book and then she was like magically better. She has no idea what’s going on t he whole time and then she is magically cured, and she wants to go back o her own life. Also, the whole thing where she suddenly doesn’t want to be around Zach was lame. I was just like yeah ok especially with just around 10% of the book left, this makes for a rushed and terrible story. The only good thing was the grandma who was a pioneer for black women in the entertainment industry. I would read a story about her. Like her whole life. She was awesome. This was so disappointing, and i hope the next books are better but I am not sure i will be picking them up.

Thank you NetGalley and Kensington for the ARC. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Mini Reviews #2 [Thriller/Romance]

These are reviews that are late because I’m forgetful to post. I didn’t write long ones, so I thought I’d just add them together. Both are books I’d recommend. Both are 4 star ⭐️ reads. So check them out. Much thanks to NetGalley and the publishers.

This is the second book so I picked up the first one so I’m not lost. It works as a standalone, but it’s better when you’re reading them in succession.

Emily is back to take care of her dad after a heart attack. Her dad has been the doctor and medical examiner for a long time so Emily steps in when they start finding bones. She’s supposed to be going back to Chicago, but she’s needed in her hometown. Of course there’s a love interest in Sheriff Nick. The bones belong to someone he knew and they plan to investigate. All I can say is that it’s a little predictable if you read romance. I guess it’s like a cheesy episode of a crime show, but it’s not bad. I’d read this author again, but I don’t know if I would continue the series.

Thank you NetGalley and Crooked Lane Books.

I picked up the first book so I had a better understanding for this book. You don’t have to do that, but I prefer having a series make sense in my head.

Kerry and Rafe are OG friends with a past. Always an epic way to start a romance honestly. I live for this trope. Rafe was adopted by the Colton’s, and he has not talked to Kerry in like 13 years so that’s a lot of tension already. They have a history and he just stopped talking to her. He did it for a reason but she assumes he just cut her off. So she’s not exactly thrilled to have to see him again at first. She’s trying to solve who killed her brother and another detective case. So they both have a lot going on in their lives.

Rafe is the CEO of the family company so he’s all fancy, and he’s different from when they were young. But like he still has feelings for her. They have mutual feelings, but they aren’t acting on them at the start. It’s like they know they should be together but not. Kerry is like no no no, but since this is a romance you know it’s going to happen. And it’s so good when it does.

So they just have sex and like no big deal. Biggest trope ever. So yeah they do end up getting close because like how could they not. I was so happy the whole time I was reading this book, and I am so thrilled to know the author has more books in this setting because I need them all ASAP.

The suspense is good. I couldn’t stop reading once i started, but the romance is the best part. Kerry juts fights in but you can’t stop fate. I was so happy when she took the plunge and let herself fall in love with rafe. If you want a great suspense novel with a fantastic romance, read this book immediately. Then read everything else this author writes.

Thank you NetGalley and Harlequin for the advanced review copies. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

A Taste of Her Own Medicine [Book Review]

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: eARC from the publisher,Honey Magnolia

Well, I finished this book a lot quicker than I expected to.

I also have some mixed feelings regarding this book, but I’m going to do my best to write a good review.

Sonja is finding life again at forty. She’s signed up for a class to help her entrepreneurship shine and get her business started fully. Atlas is her teacher, and they are instantly attracted to each other. She thinks he’s thick and wants him to lift her like potatoes in a sack. And he’s attracted to her even though she thinks she’s old and not attractive anymore. Atlas clearly thinks the opposite and tells her. However, Sonja decides she does not want a relationship since she just got divorced so they will just be friends and he will help her with making her business stronger.

Let’s talk about what I loved about the books. The characters. Every single character in this book is three dimensional and interesting. I cared about all of the characters and who they were as people. Sonja is a strong woman. Atlas is a great man. Her family is awesome, too. I loved her mom and sisters. She has a great connection with her sisters where they seem like friends and family. Her connection with her mom is great as well, especially since her mom is the one who taught her to make the lotions and potions Sonja wants to sell in her business. The community is amazing too. Atlas and his best friend Kairo own the place where he holds the class. There’s a barber shop where they go, and it’s so chill and people get along. The book is just like this amazing community of characters, and I love it.

The smut in the book is superb. Like it’s definitely worth reading because all of the scenes are steamy and well written. Plus, it’s great to see Sonja seeing one can have amazing partner induced orgasms after being stuck with the same lame guy she had been with before. Atlas is a very attractive character, and I definitely loved all the heat coming from the book. I’d recommend this book just for the steamy scenes on their own.

The only thing I didn’t like was the utilization of the n word. I understand the author sees it as part of the black community, but I don’t like the word when I’m reading romance. I know authors are going to write how they want and I respect personal choices. I’m just not a fan. I’m latinx and non binary so I don’t have personal perspective on it… but it’s just how I feel regarding that.

I was provided a free copy from the publisher and this review contains my own thoughts and opinions. Thank you to the publisher.

Heidi’s Guide To Four Letter Words [Book Review]

Rating: 5 stars

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Format: Audible Escapes

So, I’m so pumped to have picked up this audible book from the popular section. I was pulled by the cover alone, and then the title definitely sealed the deal. Once I started it, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the story. I want more from this author and the narrator. Tara and Andie, please make all of the audio books because I desperately need them in my life.

Heidi has been laid off as kindergarten teacher, and she applies for a new job at E Media as an administrative assistant. She’s a good Midwest girl who loves her mom and a good hot dish. Specifically she’s from Minnesota so she’s got one of those Midwest accents you make fun of, but you know you have since you’re from the same region. Oofta. Heidi is just a sweet girl who loves Amish romances. Then she’s shocked to find out they record erotica novels at her new job, and she could never say any of those words because what would her mom say?! Heidi is handed some podcasting equipment to either keep or get rid of…

She’s recording the podcast so she can learn to be confident around her sexy neighbor, Brent. So after a box of wine, Heidis Discount Erotica Podcast is born.

This is just such a funny book literally meant for audio. It’s super Midwest, which I love since i am from Wisconsin. Seriously, this is the best audio book I’ve listened to. It’s funny, sweet, and unable to stop listening kind of book. You’ll want to tell your mom to call you later and turn up on the volume on this story, maybe while eating a potato hot dish.

Have you read this yet? You should definitely check it out. I listened to it during my Audible Escapes trial, and it was definitely worth it. Since I don’t have any amazon affiliate links, I’m not going to promote anything but if you love romance, the Audible Escape package is worth it. Especially if you’re an audio book fan. Let me know your thoughts below.

Until I rant about books again,

Top of Her Game [Book Review]

Genre: LGBT Romance

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Format: Read via NetGalley

Thank you NetGalley and Bold Stroke Books for the advanced review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Sapphic soccer story. It’s a book I didn’t know I needed until I stumbled upon it by accident on NetGalley. I’m not even a sports person, but I love sports romances. It’s odd.

Kenzie is drafted to the Hurricanes. Her crush, Sutton, is team captain. There’s instant attraction, but Sutton has a girlfriend. She also seems to date people for like a soccer season and then end the relationship. Kenzie doesn’t want to break up a relationship or be the other person so she isn’t going to pursue Sutton despite the mutual feelings. They just don’t get together immediately after the reveal either, which is refreshing because it shows them as mature people assessing their feelings before just diving into a relationship.

There’s a lot of soccer stuff talked about, but it doesn’t detract from the story. This is probably a plus for someone who likes the sport…

I don’t so it was just kind of whatever to me.

Trigger warning for sexual assault in the book. I hate how it was just like skimmed over, I think it could have made an even stronger story by going in depth and empowering the character it involves to face what happened to her. As a survivor myself, I think it should be addressed better in books, including links to resources for people who need them because of that situation.

The relationship is fantastic. Kenzie is so likable the entire story, and Sutton gets better as the story moves along. I think anyone who has had a celebrity crush will love this story because it’s what you always wanted to happen to you so it’s a little of vicariously living through the characters as well. And the sex scenes are great. Always love good ones of those in a book. All in all, an awesome book and definitely a must if you love sports romance.

Definitely glad I picked this book up and I’d read more from this author.

Until I rant about books again,

Taken By The Elven King [Book Review]

Genre: Romance, Fantasy

Rating: 1/5 Stars

Format: Read via Audible Escapes

Disclaimer: This review is full of spoilers. Avoid if you want to read this series.

Alright. Let me begin by saying, these are my own thoughts and opinions. None of them are meant to make anyone angry or annoyed. I don’t have anything against the author. This book just wasn’t for me, which is okay. We don’t have to enjoy the same books, that’s why so many exist in the world. Right?

Alright, so this is marked for spoilers so please don’t read this if you’re interested in the book and don’t want it ruined. There’s your warning now. The rest of this will be full of spoilers.

So Emily is kidnapped from her apartment in the middle of the night and she finds herself in a land where there are elves. She was brought to the land of the elves, called She, or something, to literally be a breeding mare for the king. Never mind she had a life of graduate school and becoming a person with a career. No, she’s going to be a freaking breeding cow for the king since elves can’t have their own kids but bringing in human women can maybe jump start the whole process all over again so the elves are saved. Okay. Sure. Honestly the elves sound cool. I just hate the trope of a woman being used as a breeding thing. If you want that so badly, you can go on porn hub and watch some crappy video about it, not waste your time on a four book series about a human who’s pretty much raped and told she’s going to have multiple children. She’s never given a choice. It’s just super rape like to me and absolutely vile. I can’t believe Emily falls in love with Sethian so much as he rapes her into compliance and she’s got a major case of Stockholm Syndrome.

The book is supposed to be oh my goodness, yay smut. Sure, I enjoy smutty books. This is meant to be trashy and enjoyable. To me, it’s poorly written sex scenes bordering on rape with major sympathizing with the kidnapper to the point you delude yourself into falling in love with him.

This book has all the tropes too. Let’s see… elf king with a good dick and really hot. Of course Sethian is married to someone else but Emily is more important because she could be carrying the heir someday. But of course the other wife is a cold bitch who wants to destroy Emily. Always the villain and never given like an actual personality where you could be like, maybe she has the right to be angry since she is being forced to watch her husband rape another woman and act like it’s acceptable. I would be angry as well. Just saying. Then of course…

Emily gets pregnant. And the elf baby is like magical and Sethian can feel its soul and be connected. Elf babies never cry and are so magical. Blah, blah. Everyone is like not happy Emily is pregnant and all that. And the evil wife is like get rid of the baby and leave and she’s like no, I’m happy with my life here and it’s all good. How dare you be upset about this baby despite you not being able to have a baby. Another trope. The only purpose women have in this society is to have kids and if you don’t, you fail and need to be bitter and angry your whole life. It doesn’t matter the queen is probably hurting from her infertility issues… because she’s just a bad guy and why even bring up she could be multidimensional.

But then of course the best trope… sarcasm… comes when she’s giving birth and Emily and Sethian realize they are soulmates. Because of course. It’s not enough that Emily was his kidnapping breeding concubine. Now they are soulmates and it’s wonderful and love and all that stuff that you want in a book but seems so stupid in this book.

Of course their baby is a boy and he’s super magical. Because he has to be like the last magical elf he’s similar to, and he’s going to save the world and so many other tropes I’m sure would emerge if the author kept writing. Then Emily is super bonded to the baby and it’s the most amazing thing to be a mother, because that’s how she’s suppose to feel after losing her entire life and being a propagater for the king. She has an awesome perfect baby she’s so attached to and her life is the best. She even has more kids and her life is so happy. Then Sethian is cursed and almost dies so she gets put in jail by the actual queen. But her magic son saves her and his dad, and she saves Sethian. And the evil queen and the other bad guys are killed. And it’s all happily ever after because they have sex even though she just almost died. But it’s okay because they have gentle sex just to be safe. And Emily is going to have a happy lifetime with her magic son and other kids and husband.

This book is just a lot of bad tropes and not great smut. The fantasy element wasn’t well done either. Nothing about this entire story wasn’t a giant pile of garbage. I do not recommend this book at all. I am curious to see if the author writes anything else and how that would be, but I’m hesitant for a reason.

I haven’t disliked a book this much in a very long time. I’m not sure what to say except it reminded me of personal experiences (the main guy reminded me of my abusive ex and I have bad postpartum depression so the way pregnancy and babies are handled in this book just irk me). If you read this whole review, I appreciate you taking the time to do so. I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have read this or anything else from Christina Rayne.

Until I rant about books again,

Culling my Goodreads Shelf [Unhaul in my mind]

So I’ve had a pretty big Goodreads TBR for awhile, and a lot of the books have just been sitting on the shelf for a long time. So this is an unhaul of sorts. Here are some books I’ll be removing from my Goodreads TBR because I’m never going to read them. I did remove more than ten, but some of them I had no clue how they got on there so I have no desire to look them up and explain about them. Honestly, if you’re dreading your TBR on Goodreads, you should Marie Kondo it. This makes me feel a lot better when I do it.

And you can add me or follow me on Goodreads if you’re interested.

American Psycho is a huge pass because I couldn’t handle the dog dying in the movie so I don’t think I could get through the book. I love reading about serial killers, but I also heard this book has other issues so I think it’s just going to a hard pass for me.

All of the books from the Bloodlines series. Listen, I could barely finish Vampire Academy. I can’t invest myself in another mediocre series. The only thing that would be worth my time is Adrian, but I know it won’t be written the way I want so… thank you, next.

The Foxhole Court is so boring. I tried to read it before and literally nothing was happening? Why did I buy this entire series on Kindle when it’s just really like stupid to me? It’s cool if you like it, I just don’t.

Restore Me. Why couldn’t they just leave Shatter Me as a trilogy? It was just fine. I should not have wasted money on this book, and I have no plans to read this. The trilogy is the end for me, and that’s just fine. I don’t need more added on. Warner is great how he is. I don’t need more complications added to my boy.

So if you like these books, that’s awesome. I don’t so I kicked them off my Goodreads shelf. I’m curious to know if anyone else culls their Goodreads shelf from time to time ? If you do, let me know. I would love to talk about books kicked off the shelves.

Until I rant about books again,

Another Mash Up Post [Mini Reviews]

Genre: Paranormal Romance

My rating: 4/5 Stars

Format: Read via NetGalley

Thank you NetGalley and Source Books Casablanca for the advanced reader copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Since this is the ninth book in the series… I was a little lost. Oops. It definitely will make more sense reading all the prior books because things are mentioned that you miss or may not understand. Meghan and Peter want to mate for life since they are silver wolves. But Meghan is scared to tell peter she sent a fellow wolf to prison and peter doesn’t know how to tell Meghan he’s been mated before. Also, Meghan can talk to ghosts. So they both have secrets they are keeping from each other, making them unsure about their future.

This is an adorable holiday romance. The couple do belong together. They just have some issues to work through, but there’s no doubt they should be mated for life. They still have been mated officially because of the secrets going on. Of course there’s Christmas going on too. The pack has a great relationship so I was loving that. They just wanted all of the secrets and issues to end so the couple could be together. I love when the town has a personality, it adds so much to the story.

Overall, this is a good read. It begins slow, but the pace picks up eventually. You just have to stick it out when you start because I was bored at the start bu when the paranormal and suspense kick in, you won’t be able to stop reading. You can read this book alone, but it probably works better as part of the series so you can get another look at previous mentioned book couples.

Genre: Romance

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Format: Read via NetGalley

Thank you NetGalley and Harlequin for the advanced review copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Imogen owns a fancy hotel in the Canadian mountains. Specifically the Rockies. She’s grown up around famous people so she’s had a lot of celebrity acquaintances and gotten a lot of autographs. She’s the only one still living in her small town since her sisters left and her parents moved to a warmer place. So this hotel is often visited by the rich and famous, and there’s a prince coming to visit. She’s getting the hotel ready when the prince shows up early in helicopter.

So Prince Luca shows up in his helicopter and she’s a little bit panicked because the hotel isn’t fully ready yet and it looks like it’s going to snow so the chef gets supposed to have may be late. Then one of the hotel staff goes into early labor so she’s taken by helicopter to the hospital in the city. It starts to snow so it’s just Imogen and the Prince. The Prince is dealing with his marriage not happening because of a family secret. Imogen is still healing from an engagement ending when it’s found out she can’t have babies. Both of them are dealing with a lot of baggage, but the snow and Christmas magic are going to bring them together. Except Imogen’s best friend may know something about the family secret the Prince is dealing with so it’s going to be interesting.

This is part of a trilogy so you know more is going to be happening. Imogen and the Prince have sweet interactions with each other. It’s even more lovely when Imogen is like I’m going to give you a hallmark type Christmas to Luca because he was deprived of the chance since he was like a super fancy prince and that doesn’t happen to them, I guess. Even though it’s still too early for Christmas, this book sets the holiday tone and you’ll want to put up the tree and enjoy some hot dogs by the fire (this makes sense when you read the book).

Thank you for checking out my mini reviews. I’d love to know if you’ve read these or would be interested in either. They are both awesome Christmas romances. I know it’s early, but start stocking up on those Christmas books now.

Until I rant about books again,

September Swoons 2019 Wrap Up [Reading Challenge]

I set a goal for myself to only read romance in September because it’s a genre I used to love, but I’ve gotten away from it. I’m glad to be back to it. I’d like to give you some suggestions of where I get my romance suggestions from

Bree at Falling for Romance and her YouTube channel, Bree Hill.

Stephanie from Steph’s Romance Book Talk on YouTube.

Sarah from Tea Hags on YouTube.

Chandler Ainsley from YouTube.

Here’s all the romance I read this month. It’s a lot! They are not in order of when I read them or what I liked most. I just kinda put them in the post and that’s how they are going to stay because I’m lazy. I’m just going to talk about each of them briefly. You can find all the reviews for them on previous posts. It was a good month for reading romance, and I know it’s going to continue for a long time. It’s great to be back reading a genre I love so much.

Christmas and royalty are so great together. This one will definitely get you into the holiday spirit. It’s the first one in a trilogy as well.

This is like book eight in a series so there’s a lot of mentions of other characters from prior novels. I stopped trying to keep track. I liked this one mostly… just wish the rivals to lovers aspect was stronger.

Brother’s best friend. I love it. Just kinda over the awkward yet pretty protagonist all of the time. This wasn’t a bad read, just rather formulaic.

The mystery of a serial killer in a small town. What’s not to love? Even better when you add in romance.

Will these people finally get their happy ending? The conclusion to their story had their wedding being planned… but it may not go according to plan.

This is so cute. I could not stop reading this book. Puppies and Christmas together make for a great time. Definitely add to your holiday romance books.

If you want a badly written Gossip Girl type book, you can try this book. I don’t recommend it. The romance isn’t great, and the book is not that well written.

Cute contemporary Christmas romance. I’m happy how it ended, but I kinda wish it had been more Christmas oriented than it shows on the cover.

Amy Miller is a new fav contemporary author. Both of her books have romance. I did not like one of them, but you may find you do so she’s definitely worth checking out.

So the main heroine in this book was so oblivious I wanted to scream the entire time I was reading the book. Honestly this kind of turned me off Penny Reid because it was just not great. The romance is kind of annoying and just… I would say try her Winston Brothers series instead. Even though I still need to finish that one…oops.

Adorable. This was like the first romance I read for the month, and it set a decent pace. I can’t wait to read more max Monroe.

Both of the above were good Christmas books. Mostly. Let It Snow was a little less annoying because it wasn’t like subtlety full of Jesus and making me want to hit my head against the wall. But both deal with family situations so if you’re looking for those, try both of these out.

So I did read a lot more romance than I expected to. I still have so many NetGalley romances to go through. I also need to take a library trip eventually so I can have all of the romances. But I do have Kindle Unlimited so I think I’ll be okay. I’m so thrilled to be back into reading romance, but I’m also craving a thriller so I’ll be reading some of those in October. Have you read any good romances lately or read any of these? I’d love to talk about them with you.

Until I rant about books again,