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Body Double [Book Review]

Genre: Thriller

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Format: Libby ebook

I’m not even halfway through this series, but I’m enjoying every moment. Seriously, if you like the show you need to be reading the books because you get so much more. Not to discredit the show, but the books are amazing!

So, another book about Maura Isles. Hmm. She’s been the focus of the last two books, and I’m not sure what to think sometimes about her. She just seems to be a hot mess with a taste for bad men. But anyway. This story starts with her in Paris for a medical conference, and then she has a lot of bad luck at the airport. When she gets home, everyone is shocked to see her. Because someone who looks just like her was shot to death in front of her home. Maura finds out she had a twin sister and embarks on a journey to learn about her real family. The truth she finds is much worse then shrugs could have imagined.

The other storyline is about pregnant women. Jane Rizzoli is eight months pregnant, and she just wants to still be treated like an officer and not just a pregnant woman. There’s also the mystery of why a pregnant woman was kidnapped and is being held in an underground area. It ties into a bigger mystery and more about what Maura is trying to learn about her life.

I couldn’t quit reading this one, and I’m so thrilled for the next one. I also enjoyed the short story at the end of the book.

The Apprentice [Book Review]

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Second book in the series.

It’s super good. I’m just upset the show took the first two books and made them into one episode… it missed out on so much more the book has.

Jane Rizzoli is finally the main character, which makes more sense since the first book seemed unsure about how it was going to handle Jane. But the books are so much more in depth and darker. Don’t get me wrong, I deeply enjoy the show. The show is just more lighthearted and funny at times while the books are super intense and psychological.

The second book is the hunt for another serial killer, one who is working with the surgeon so it’s interesting. Rizzoli is having a hard time dealing with her experiences… major post traumatic stress… but she doesn’t want to admit it. There’s also an FBI agent working the case, but he won’t share why. So there’s tension between the two.

Maura Isles is introduced, but she’s a side character. She’s much different from the show, but both characters are interesting in their own ways. It’s definitely not like the show where Rizzoli and Isles are working together yet. But it’s still a good second book, and I couldn’t stop reading even though I knew the outcome. I definitely recommend this series.

The Surgeon [Book Review]

Rating: 4/5 Stars

Genre: Thriller

Format: ebook from Libby app (library app)

I can’t be the only person who picked this up because of the television show. I just started Rizzoli & Isles, but I know it’s probably going to become one of my favorite shows. Hence, I decided to watch the show again and thought picking up the books would be a good idea. Except the first episode is based on the first two books so like… that’s a lot of story crammed into literally one hour. So I was like, okay we are going to read the first two books and then watch more of the series. I’m planning to read all of the books… I just don’t want to get too far ahead. The books are a lot different from the television show series. Don’t mistake me, this is a great police procedural. It’s got strong dialogue, interesting storyline, and great characters. But Maura Isles isn’t even in the book. I’m just wondering how you do the whole this is a Rizzoli & Isles Book but only with the first character? And some of the novel, it seems like Gerritsen is just testing out using Jane Rizzoli and could replace her easily with one of the other male characters involved in the story.

The book opens from the perspective of The Surgeon, the killer the Boston police are trying to catch. You get to see inside his head a lot. You’re also shown Thomas Moore who’s like a good cop and Jane Rizzoli, the only female homicide detective who’s really ugly. Seriously, this book talks so much about how she’s not attractive. It actually gets obnoxious.

A current murder bares similarity to an old case down in Georgia. But that killer is dead so no one is quite sure what’s going on. He was killed by a doctor now living in Boston, Catherine Cordell. Cordell doesn’t know why she is connected to the cases, or why she is the target. Of course Cordell and Thomas Moore start to fall in love. Which bothers Rizzoli because she likes him, but he’s falling for the beautiful woman instead. So Rizzoli sets out to find out answers on her own, but it leaves her in a dangerous situation when the killer captures her.

I did like this book. Still, it’s weird there’s no Isles and I kinda wondered why the focus was so much on Moore like maybe he was supposed to be the main one but the author changed her mind? If you didn’t watch the show, you’d have no idea she was going to end up being a major role player even though the series is named after her?! She’s just kind of in the back the whole time until she goes to find the killer and manages to get caught by him. She’s saved, but I’m glad this just made a small mention in the show because it was kind of annoying for her to be made out to be stupid when she is the only female homicide detective the department has. I think this could have just been marketed as like a prequel to the second book. I’m hoping the second book will be much better even though I know what happens with that one due to the show. Still, I’m excited for Maura to show up and for it to actually be Rizzoli and Isles. It’s a decently written book, complete with the gross serial killer descriptions these books are known for. I liked it just fine. Just don’t expect it to be like the show, and you won’t be let down.