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The Tech [Mark Ravine-Book Review]


Special Agent Alexandra Cassidy has made a career of disobeying orders, challenging
bigwigs, and asking uncomfortable questions. But what offends her superiors most is that
her intolerable antics have earned her one of the best track records in the FBI.
It’s too bad, some cases are better left unsolved.

When Cassidy is transferred to the backwaters of Arizona she finds herself leading a crew
with so many black marks on their records, it’s a miracle any of them remain employed.
Thankfully, their first case pretty much solves itself. But as Cassidy and her team continue
throwing bad guys behind bars, a creeping sense of suspicion grows. The cases are easy, a
little too easy, and troubling patterns become impossible to ignore.
Then things take a violent turn, and an elusive figure steps forward to help. But in a
conspiracy big enough to topple kings, every player has an agenda—and misplaced trust will
have devastating consequences.

Genre: Thriller

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Rating: 4 Stars ⭐️

Alright, wow. This book was so intense, but I loved every moment of it. I have been a fan of shows about the FBI and other special agencies for a long time. I think I got this from my grandma, so I am just an old lady in my taste for shows. I think that is why I love CBS All Access so much. But this book, I have so many thoughts about. All of them are good, but let’s get started on my very long review about this book.

The Tech is a debut thriller, but I thought this was from a seasoned writer because it was done so well. You could not tell me this was new after I read it or I would not have believed you. I only know it was his first because i looked on Goodreads and was shocked to find he did not have any other books out. But also sad because I want more from this author asap.

Alexandra Cassidy is sent to Arizona to be the head of a group of the FBI rejects and get crimes solved. She has tech guy named Mike, and they start solving interconnected crimes so easily that it seems like there is something bigger going on because it never happens that easily normally.

This is not a dark thriller. Like, you are given clues about what is going to happen so you can see the story start to unfold. But I liked this just fine because then I was able to enjoy the story and not worry about having to wrack my brain to solve the deeper story. I’d love more thrillers to be lighter at times, but this is a good one to delve into if you want a light thriller that you will be able to enjoy for a long time.

I was a little unsure when I started the book because there was so much going on. Like there was a bank robbery and it just was laid out so perfectly. It just seemed like it was trying to say this was the perfect crime but obviously not since it was being solved so easily. I don’t know, I was concerned about first about this because I wanted it to be just a thriller I was shocked by. Not just everything laid out so easily I was going to get bored before the story really picked up. However, I am glad i stayed with the story because once it starts to pick up the pace, there was nothing stopping me from finishing this book late in the night.

My only issue with the book was like how fast it all seemed to happen. I know on tv shows it always gets solved so fast but that is TV so you should not just write a book like TV. I know sometimes cases from the FBI take sooo long to solve and all of these were being solved like no tomorrow. They are like handed the clues and no one thinks it is weird that is this seems to be happening so quickly. I would assume since they all have training, they would know that cases aren’t solved this quickly unless something weird is going on. Also, they are traveling a lot so you would think it would take longer unless they all have jet pack cars. It was just a little thing that made me irked, but I still kept reading the book because I needed to know what was going to happen next. It was worth it, but just be aware of this when you are reading the book.

The characters are all okay, but it just seemed like I could not connect to them. Mike is just like the tech guy and he thinks everyone is stupid except him when it comes to technology. Alexandra is also like I am going to be this strong woman, but she doesn’t seem to know how to work with her team unless she is judging them for what they had done in the past. I don’t think taking about how this was a team of rejects that came to be these heroes was needed. I know it was makes you connect to them, but all of the characters were a little surface level and I wished I could have connected to them just a bit more.

The thing between Alexandra and Mike was a little odd, but I cant wait to see where it goes. I know this is going to be a longer series since you don’t find out who they bad guys are. But I don’t mind. I cant wait for more from this author.

Thank you to the publisher, Dawn Hill Publishing, for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.