Review Policy


Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to view my page. If you’re just a fellow reader looking for somebody to review a book, an author searching for feedback, or a  magical wizard in the publishing industry who may share with me ARCs, here’s my handy dandy review policy to peruse before sending me an email.

I am fairly open to review requests. I do have a very long TBR, but I currently have a lot of free time to read. I’m somewhat of an odd reader, but I usually will pick up anything which catches my eye or I’ve heard a lot about. Still, please read my full policy before contacting me.

I do not accept:

  • religious / Christian fiction: for personal reasons, I will not be accepting any titles in this genre.

What I read:


  • contemporary
  • fantasy
  • thrillers
  • romance
  • diverse reads


  • Thrillers
  • non fiction
  • contemporary
  • Romance

I accept physical copies or ebooks ( mobi version because I use the kindle app on my iPad and iPhone )

If you send me a request, please include:

  • Summary and cover
  • release date
  • why you think I would enjoy the book
  • if you need the review posted within a certain time period, along with what platforms you’d like it on

If I do accept your request:

I am open and honest when it comes to all of the books I review, no matter what. I may not like your book so if you’re someone who shies away from maybe getting a negative review, I may not be the one for you.  If I just don’t enjoy the book because it’s not within my wheelhouse, I will talk about what I did not love but will suggest an audience who may enjoy it more. If the book ends up being one which is offensive, I will share the issues I had with the text. Please note it’s all about the text and does not have to do with who the author is as a person.

I try to post when I can, but I may not be able to get all reviews done quickly since I do have a fair amount of books to get through. My schedule is very open right now, but it may change in the future so I try to finish all the reviews in about a month or so.

Maybe you don’t want a review post…

I can also do

  • Blog tour posts
  • Author spotlights
  • giveaway posts
  • cover reveals

How to contact me:

Please send me an email mdobschuetz at gmail dot com. Please don’t try to ask me via Twitter or Goodreads because I don’t respond on those, they are more for personal use.

I may not respond to every request I get, but I promise I do read all of the requests. If I am interested, I promise I will respond as soon as I am able to do so.