The Last Widow [Book Review]

The newest Karin Slaughter book… which I’ve been dying for. And I didn’t really love it. I can’t explain how disappointed I am. The recent reviews I’ve been reading for her haven’t been stellar… I haven’t even picked up her latest standalone novel because of the mixed reviews. It makes my heart hurt when one of my favorite authors isn’t bringing her A game… I don’t want to have to give up on books I’ve become so invested in.

Here’s my thoughts on this book… Will Trent and Sara Linton are great characters. They both have very well written books on each. But this is the ninth book in the series, and I’m just getting tired. I know they have both been through a lot of shit. I used to not be able to stop reading these books. Now I’m just bored. Will and Sara just go around in circles. I don’t care if they fall in love deeper or get married. They’re so annoying… I just want something dramatic to happen because I don’t dig the whole cute romance.

So, the plot is secret militia with white guys. There’s murder. Pedophilia. Bombs. It’s just not a great book. I didn’t care about the story… it just dragged on. I hope Slaughter brings back her dark, stellar writing I’ve grown to love. I’d hate to lose a favorite author.

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